When we started thinking about this project, we had two strong feelings in our hearts.

On the one hand, the excitement of being able to design and create something unique, which would significantly raise the bar of luxury to new heights in Cortina d’Ampezzo. On the other, we felt a strong sense of responsibility from the very beginning, because we have known these mountains for decades, we love them, we respect them, and we feel at home here.

That’s why we knew we had to build something special that would fit perfectly into its surroundings, and live up to the breathtaking view that visitors can admire from our Village YC | LV. We could not ever disrespect such a special place: this was our mission and our challenge. There was only one way to win it.

We are on the Pearl of the Dolomites, a real jewel in name and in fact. This place is known for its undisputed excellence, and the only way to create something that would live up to our beloved Cortina was to collaborate with Italian partners that were just as excellent.

So we decided that only companies that could relate to us in terms of history and products and shared the philosophy that inspired this project should work for the development of Village YC | LV.

Even when choosing our business partners, we decided to collaborate with people who have shared our philosophy from the very beginning: imagining our Village as a unique, special place where guests can find answers to their needs even before they express them.




As an artistic partner, we couldn’t help but choose “Stefano Contini”, a unique personality on the art scene, a man who has fulfilled the requirements of Europe’s most demanding jet-setters for years with his many prestigious art galleries. Our friend Stefano will enhance each villa with the best modern and contemporary works and sculptures that his galleries have to offer.

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Ristorante Tivoli

For over twenty years the light of Il Tivoli has been shining in Cortina d’Ampezzo, a highly prized restaurant that under the skilful guide of Graziano Prest Chef and Patron and his splendid Mrs. Maridilia Moro has risen to the highest levels over the years, becoming an important reference in the haute cuisine scene.

Il Tivoli is undoubtedly the most famous and appreciated table of the dʻAmpezzo valley, the only internationally recognized local reality and awarded also in 2018 with a prestigious Michelin star.

The restaurant is characterized by an elegant and imaginative culinary proposal, able to surprise even the most refined palates. The culinary soul of Graziano is oriented to local and national excellences, a sophisticated and concrete, traditional and updated soul, able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

The dishes of Prest live on not simple balances, which characterize and conquer.

Thanks to the invaluable collaboration with the “Luxury in Cortina” project, Chalet guests will be able to take advantage of the chef and catering services promoted by Graziano Prest and his highly qualified staff.

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Longevity Suite

The Longevity Suite® is the most advanced European Network of Biohacking & Antiage City Clinics: we create integrated, high-performance and high-tech protocols, to guide you towards the best version of yourself thanks to a perfect balance between health, conscious beauty and mental energy.
Everyday we promote a forward-looking lifestyle focused on here and now, a mindful and authentic beauty, an approach to time in which health is at the center of our choices, always at the maximum of our potential.

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Interpreter of passion for the sartorial art, for over thirty years, the Italian brand Cortigiani offers the refinement of an international luxury sportswear for man.
The Brand is able to reinventing the classic style by combining the shapes of the contemporary with the classic canons of Italian fashion, faithful to a careful and meticulous selection of materials and the use of exclusive workmanship.
Style icon for those who love the true luxury, not ostentation but clean lines and imperceptible details.

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Fabiana Filippi

A story of excellence, where passion and know-how create a unique, singular union, shaping collections that celebrate the creativity, ingenuity and skill of tireless, irreplaceable hands.

Inspired by the manufacturing techniques closely linked to the knitwear industry that developed in Umbria after WWII, brothers Mario and Giacomo Filippi Coccetta founded Fabiana Filippi in 1985 with the goal of providing a modern, captivating and dynamic interpretation of iconic products made with the finest fabric and yarn, including cashmere and cashmere-silk.

Today, Fabiana Filippi is known as a leader among true Made-in-Italy brands, presenting ‘total look’ collections designed to accompany women throughout the various moments of the day, from casual wear to outfits for special occasions.

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Bredo | Guerresco

A temple of fashion embedded in the wood, where the warm and enveloping atmosphere blends harmoniously with the most sophisticated and researched brands on the market. Here you can satisfy your desire to wear exclusive luxury brands and at the same time casual chic.
Bredo, in Cortina for decades, is synonymous with charm and refinement. Along with unique pieces of tailoring belonging to brands of high fashion, you will be imbued with a distinct elegance and ingenious refinement of classic and timeless garments.
Located in the heart of Cortina, near the Church, Bredo Store offers a magical mix of fashion and tradition, sacred and profane, enchanting view and soul. A must for those who want to buy unique items, prestigious and highly original.
Another strength is the professionalism and friendliness of our staff, to increase customer satisfaction.

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Realization Partners


LV | 02 Perla

Rimadesio is an excellent Italian manufacturer of doors, sliding doors, bookcases and modular systems, walk-in closets and furnishings, made of glass and aluminium. Technical expertise and design culture products ensure high-performance products with an unmistakable style.

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LV | 01 Dolce Vita

Jacuzzi gives shape to body wellness. The company aims to achieve the highest level of wellness while ensuring unique sensory experiences with a wide range of products designed for sheer self-indulgence.

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LV | 02 Perla

Gessi is an international benchmark for plumbing fixtures, bathroom accessories and high-end wellness systems. Style, innovation, excellent quality and technology are brought together into uniquely designed pieces.

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LV | 01 Dolce Vita

Technogym is a world leader in providing fitness and wellness products, services and solutions. Constant innovation and a philosophy that combines business and social responsibility are the hallmarks that make Technogym the only real ‘Wellness Company’.

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LV | 02 Perla

Brandoni specialises in the production of heating equipment. Creativity, passion and dedication are the ingredients that allowed Brandoni to become a benchmark for the industry of towel heaters and furnishing radiators.

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LV | 02 Perla

Pratesi, leader in the world for home luxury linens, is what dreams are made of: cotton, linen, cashmere and silk, a luxury in which everyone would like to dive. The high fashion Pratesi has always been the must-have in the worldwide elite location.

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BM Luxury

LV | 01 Dolce Vita

BM® Luxury Artificial Plants has specialized for years in design and manufacture of Artificial Plants and High level Vertical Artificial Gardens for Made in Italy high-class Furniture spaces. Leader in services and solutions for Interior landscape.

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Tessitura d'Arte

The upholstery and curtains were made by CLANBE, in Rome. The fabrics by Tessitura D’Arte s.r.l Roma.
Passion and devotion to the service of each customer to create a quality offer that is original, artisan and that lasts over time.

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